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We aspire to be India’s Leading Online store for Ethnic Home Decor & Classy Gifts.


At Indikala, our chief purpose is to revive the traditional art and handicraft skills in India, which if not given a push, will pass away. This cannot be allowed to happen, for skills that have been passed down centuries, from generation to generation, once perished, cannot be revived.

Thus, we at Indikala, believe that this mission is as critical as perhaps negotiations on carbon emissions/climate change, for both the issues of have underpinnings of mankind’s desire to leave this planet a better place for our children and grandchildren.

Our love for artisan handcrafted products, starts with acknowledging the time honoured crafts that have been perfected in remote Asian villages for generations, and in our quest to incorporate this artsy style into modern living spaces across the length and breadth of India.

In this picture, taken on the outskirts of Jodhpur (Rajasthan ) our team of artisan’s works on the pieces and hand paints them.

By getting these products to homes and offices in India, our second main aim is to augment the quality of life of these artisans by enhancing their household income. Further, we do not engage in any activity of child labour, since a childhood spent in labour leads to an adult life spent combating poverty.

While many Indian artisans are still practising a diverse and fascinating range of crafts skills that are on the verge of extinction, we as a team at Indikala have taken this traditional craftsmanship to the next level by giving it a fresh look.  Aim of displaying these products to you is to capture the artisan output in a way that synthesises wood, metal, ceramic, glass and other new materials.

Thus, on www.indikala.com , the beauty and workmanship of Asian traditional art is mixed with contemporary lifestyles.  Traditional craftsmanship such as wall décor lamps, clay figurines, pottery and marble decor are widely given a contemporary look. Further, the iron products are painstakingly hammered into shape. They are then filled to remove sharp edges. Hollow artifacts are made out of beaten iron sheets, cut & filled to shape.

In sum, the main reson for creation of Indikala is to provide the Indian Homes and Offices, a fusion of ancient craft techniques with modern design vocabulary.

Thus, YOU can ……. 

We hope that you will join the numerous well informed consumers, who  are now open to experimentation & are adopting these crafts ,as prized décor accessories.

With every purchase on Indikala, YOU will thus help to keep the centuries old artisan skills alive, and, augment their income and hence quality of life.

Thank You for Your Support.

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